Strengths & Values

Strengths & Values

STRENGTHS of ICT Journalist Forum

1. United Media’s ICT & IT BIt of Journalist .

2. Working in Print, Radio, TV, Online ICT Bit of journalist place for Forum.

3. Fully Knowledge & Experienced about IT & ICT Media .

4. Promoting Quality of IT Product & Services through by media tools to public.

5. Good relation with GOv., NGOs, INGOs and donors

6. Equipped with physical facilities and equipments

7. ICT Journalist Forum is capable to build strong ICT Media Journalist by mobilizing in 75 districts

VALUES of ICT Journalist Forum

1. ICT Media’s Journalist national & International Level.

2. Mutual respect and solidarity

3. Participation and active involvement in IT & ICT Event, Conference, Workshop

4. Democracy and human rights

5. Collaboration and Collective leadership

6. ICT Development process

7. e-Governance Master plan & ICT Media Movement by different Media tools.