Message From Founder - Bharat Raj Uprety



Leading ICT Development for Nationwide by united youth ICT leadership Journalist and Globly connectivity.

Aware and prosperous Nepal by Media Journalist’s Strong Voice and citizens’ rights are fully ensured by Media tools & law.


ICT Journalist Development Forum strives for improving quality IT & ICT Product, Services Using Nepali people through ICT awareness Media campaigning .


Living standard of the IT and ICT Product, Services By ICT Journalist Media’s Voice.


1. Unite entire youth ICT Journalist under the different Media house nation and Globally.

2. Opportunity for youth ICT journalism and make their carrier to be ICT Journalist.

3. Advocate national and international ICT & IT policy.

4. Develop national and international network to protect youth ICT Journalist rights.

5. Mobilize IT OR ICT NGOs for sustainable development, peace and economic prosperity with ICT Development

6. To improve their governance and empowerment by ICT Journalist Forum.